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Ever since we started, the idea was simple: to make the recumbent cycles special to riders who seek for a comfortable and well-performed ride. In many years of continuous improvement, we are able to grow and deliver a wide range of selections in Tricycles, Quadra-cycles. Specializes in fat tire recumbent quads, e-assistance systems, and premium recumbent trike models. Each product is hand-built to order by our expert engineering team that has over 10 years of manufacturing experience. Our devotion is to offer the very best cycling experience as we can- deliver the most refined, accessible, fast, and comfortable ride.

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As we’ve grown, our product has been sold around the globe, our mission has expanded to ensuring the better customer experience and product delivery, we can be reached directly from the United States, Germany, and Australia.

We’re always looking for new dealers to introduce our products to a broader audience base. It’s a great time to join the TRIKEXPLOR family; if you are looking for a new, reliable, exciting, and low-cost cycling brand to advance your stock, please free to contact us! 

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Every product is handcrafted and taken special care of by our technicians as we manage our business to be craftsman-inspired.

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Full assembly on Quads

We assembly the recumbent quads for you! aspect all quads delivered with no additional assemble 

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We offer free delivery to all our products

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Every product is handcrafted and taken special care of by our technicians as we manage our business to be craftsman-inspired. Our goal is to deliver the highest satisfaction and premier quality products to every customer. Among our elite engineering and designing team being our determinations, we intensified our product structures and advanced our performance throughout the years. Endless testings and failures empowered us to cultivate and perfect our products to the highest reliability and unbeatable overall performances. For that reason, we are committed to building a platform to bring people into a more reliable, adventurous, and advanced way of the cycling

High Performance Cycling

At TrikExplor, we offer a variety of recumbent quad and trikes,
we build he World's first 4WD recumbent quad, designed uniquely for off-road discoveries. Combined with long durability, exceptional reliability, and specialized features, the quad is targeting a variety of off-roading states challenges. As well as the World's Smallest Foldable Trike; It only takes 2 minutes to fold it and load it into your truck and carry the it everywhere. We built ultimate racing recumbent trikes and quads with exceptional handling, extraordinary performance, fast, and practical with features like fat tire, off-roading, electric assist, high speed, and long endurance.

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