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Why buy this recumbent quad?

TrikExplor® recumbent quadricycles with steering limiting devices are more stable during riding. Also, users can ride smoothly on every road and in all conditions with the assistance of the electric motor. As the leading tricycles and quadricycles manufacturer in China, TrikExplor enables you to customize the recumbent quadricycles to satisfy your requirements for outdoor adventures.

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E-assist In Quadricycles

The electric system is optional for some models of our quadricycles. Users can ride our electric quadricycles to explore any place they want no matter how bumpy the roads are, because the e-assist provides them with extra torque to ride forward, up, and down.

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Upgrade to Countless Possibilities

What differentiates TrikExplor® recumbent quadricycles is that our products can be easily transformed. The patented modular design enables our recumbent four-wheeled bikes to be upgraded from a daily quadricycle with necessary functions into an off-road quadricycle by replacing the wheels. In other examples, TrikExplor's four wheels can also be changed into three wheels to create a new tricycle.

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Powered by Electric System

TrikExplor® recumbent quadricycles can suit various conditions and purposes, including off-roading, sports, commuting, rehabilitation, and recreation. With e-assist, your customers can conquer rugged roads and ride fast and far.

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No Rollover Risk, Ample Storage Space

TrikExplor® recumbent quadricycles feature four wheels of the same size selected from leading brands, such as Kenda and Schwalb, which makes our quadricycles more stable than those with a triangle structure. The caging devices on two front wheels settle the steering radius, so that the risk of rollover barely exists, protecting the riders. Moreover, with a larger storage room, riders can take a lot of stuff with them for long-distance traveling. With our TrikExplor® recumbent quadricycles, you can provide your customers with safe, stable four-wheel bikes that have ample storage space and are suitable for daily and extreme conditions.

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Occupying Less Space Thanks to Modular Design

Occupying Less Space Thanks to Modular Design

High Efficiency Brought by E-assist

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Great Performance with Advanced Components

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Challenge your limits

4x4 Electric Recumbent Quad

We at TrikExplor love our outdoor adventures. Here is the proud introduction of our 4WD off-road E-assist recumbent quad.

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4WD Off-Road Recumbent Quad

The first 4WD recumbent quad in the world was designed uniquely for off-road discoveries. Combined with long durability, exceptional reliability, and specialized features, the quad is targeting a variety of off-roading states challenges. It's capable of crossing terrains, sand, gravels, riverbeds, muds, snows, rocks with the assistance of a high torque motor.


Fat Tire Recumbent Quad 

Four fat tires give F420 extra stability. With the rear two powertrains, it can handle most of terrains. Meanwhile, F420 also offers a good ground clearance and additional cargo capacity for touring


4WD Sport Utility Quad

With incorporate features of touring quad and off-road quad, 4WD Sport Utility Quad is designed primarily for cross country cycling, placing emphasis on speed and endurance. It is suitable for riding on flat surfaces, dirty roads, and natural off-road trails.


City Commuting Recumbent Quad

H420E provides the solution for those who seek ultimate comfort as well as for people with special needs, offering a versatile and adaptable vehicle with a host of practical functions.


Touring Recumbent Quad

Model 420 is built primarily to be easy to ride for some people who want more stability. It offers a better view, good ground clearance and additional cargo capacity, which makes it the perfect utility vehicle for touring.


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