Q1. What colors do you have?

A: Our available colors are red, black, blue and white.
Q2. Is there any way to make the trike higher-capacity to fit my weight and height?
A: Yes. We can customize the trike according to your weight and height.
Q3. Can all wheels be 20" ?
A: We have one model with 20'' wheels.
Q4. Does the trike come with separate parts or assembled?
A: It comes with 90% assembled.
Q5. Do the bike shops have parts to make repairs, as needed?
A: All of the consumable parts used to build your trike are standard bicycle components that your local bike shop will be able to service
Q6. When do I expect to ship after placing the order?
A: The delivery time is currently 15 working days.
In the event that the delivery of your product is delayed beyond this time period for any reason, we will notify you of the delay, we will explain the reason for the delay, and we will give you the new expected delivery time
Q7. Can I pay via credit card or PayPal?
A: Normally, our payment term is T/T (bank wire transfer). We also would like to accept credit card or PayPal, but you need to bear some commissions (around 5%).
Q8. What is your warranty?
We provide 3 years warranty for the frame, 2 years warranty for electric kits (motor, display and controller), 1 year warranty for battery and other parts (With exception of usage and wear and tear).